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Since September 2010 when I stopped working for money, I have been living with wife Kim on the Antalya coast in the resort of Kalkan.

I have created this blog to tell stories of life abroad amongst expatiate Brits and Turks. A bıt of social comment and humour go in to the pot. I hope it makes for an enjoyable dish.

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4 Responses to About this blog

  1. Janet Bell says:

    Came across your blog by accident found it interesting, full of good things to know about Kalkan. As we only come for brief spells before and after the season, it will keep us in the know.

  2. Dobrila Ingleby says:

    A host of golden daffodils rapeseed fields and bluebells have appeared this Springtime waving their heads in temperatures of below 5 degrees and catching the sleet and hail, causing one to muse at what is coming over the horizon, in this uncertain world.

  3. Ros Bennett says:

    Have followed your adventures through KTLN!

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