2016 Mouse Island Swim 8th October

IMG-20160901-WA0000When I first started this swimming malarkey in 2011 with friend Joules Garrod, she promised me the body of a racing snake if I accepted the challenge. Six swims on and racing snake? More boa constrictor with half digested sheep.
Never mind! I am beyond such earthly concerns. It has generally been fun and I have made some great friends, which tally gets added to every year. It has also raised some very useful money for a variety of local causes; for one young man a new prosthetic leg, for the family of a very ill child crucial finacial support, for a local school a new basketball court and, last year, start up funds for a local branch of AKUT Search and Rescue organisation.

Talking of AKUT, they will provide logistic support and safe passage on the swim as well as  registering three of their own swimmers to participate under their own colours and raise sponsorship for their organisation. A good arrangement all round.

Our Island Swimming Team will swim this year for Kaş4Kids, a local charity that is active throughout the KaşKalkan municipal area; we now have our own charity shop sited in Kalkan and under the sharp eyed management of none other than dreamy princess Chris Williams, who has coloured the pages of this blog before, particularly the tale of her pursuit of amorous (and imaginary but do not tell her) Italian hunk Paulo. Wounded in the chase she now confines herself to charitable pursuits and the odd encounter with a tall, slim bottle of Angora.

And in pursuit of charity she is pretty formidable. I made the mistake of betting 100  TL over the date of some event, on which I was – yes, rare thing I know – WRONG. The other party charitably refused to take my note but the wily princess, also I suppose charitably, snaked out a mitt and trousered the note for….charity.

I, to this day, fail to understand how Paulo got away.

Paulo, mi amigo, stai attento! Stai molto attento

Enough of insulting my friends! Kaş4Kids is a registered charity and does great work in service of the neediest local families, including a programme to distribute winter shoes amongst the schools of the area where the headteacher has identified a need. And that is quite a considerable number I can tell you. They also supported 18 students last year with the costs of their university accomodation, amongst many other things. So if you are feeling charitable and you have a personal connection you can support one of our swimmers with an individual contribution.

Participating this year, besides the incoherent, delusional  author of this blog, will be, in order of physical distinction:

Gentleman Jim Lumley as fast in the water as he is at the card table
Ilkay Utaş   Izmirli by birth but nearest thing Islamlar has to Sarah Jessica Parker
Stephen Bentley Marketing Supremo and now on track to be the Sir Philip Green of the emergent UK Hamam towel business
Mustafa Özen  Lock up your daughters
Felicity Davie the only person to have swum the Mouse Island Kalkan sea passage and conversed the entire way, mainly to herself
Solihin Thom  inventor of the zig zag stroke. He swims 2 km to every one else’s 1 and still comes in ahead
Devrim Çelebi our photographer and archivist. She can post a group selfie on the web before the rest of us are out of the shower (see above)
Amanda Magrath a dark horse who is training stateside but will be there on the day
Ergün Duran of Need Architecture who needs no introduction. Also knows more about ladies’ bags than he needs to

So there we are; 10 takers and a finer group of people you can easily find in your local penal institution. And that really is enough insulting and abusing of my friends.

If you want to make a general donation, because you do not have a particular connection to one swimmer or if you know several and do not want to be pursued by all of them, you can can make a group donation in sterling, without charge, via my UK bank account

C Davies
Sort code  40 02 26
Account   01466739.

Please quote your name and the word swim as a reference. I will post all donation amounts and enough of the reference so that you can identify your donation for purposes of audit.

Unfortunately I cannot set up a Just Giving page as you need UK charity number but you can use this PayPal button to my PayPal account. PayPal will deduct a 20p fee + 3.5% of the amount, thus 55p from £10.00

Thank you for your support

If you wish to make a donation direct to Kaş4Kids in Turkey, I can supply you with the necessary information. Just specify GBP, USD, Euro or TL and email me on chrisdavies_01@hotmail .com

If you can make it to Kalkan Beach on 8th October we expect to be in sight 11.30 so arrive around then, cheer us in and then join the after swim party.

It has not been a great year for Turkish tourism so let’s make October a great month and especially Saturday 8th

With your help, the 6th Annual Mouse Island Swim should go swimmingly.


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  1. john Stonier says:

    Hi Chris,
    Sounds like a great adventure. I would like to join your intrepid team !

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